Comment 14 for bug 110361

I can't see anything at all, imagine you had unplugged the screen and booted a PC. That's what I see :)

I know it boots because I waited until the disk went idle and switched to a console - blind - and logged in, installed an ssh server and can now ssh in quite happily.

The box is definately up and running or i would not have been able to post all the logs as attachments that I have.

I know it sounds like hardware failure, but the fact that it started the second I installed nvidia-glx makes me suspicious that either the cards have failed _because_ of something that driver did, _or_ the driver put the cards in some kind of odd state.

I have taklen the xorg.conf from my 32-bit install (on the other disk) and have started X with that, and with the option you suggested. I am still not hopeful. Clearly I could get a replacement card, bug if the nvidia driver _is_ to blame for this hardware malfunction, then how can I be sure it wont happen again with another nvidia card?

Right now i am sat at work and the box is at home, so I need to wait for my wife to get home before I can ask her to look at the screen and tell me if she sees anything.