Comment 47 for bug 37773

On Mon, Jul 17, 2006 at 10:33:26PM -0000, Michel Lesoinne wrote:
> I do not understand the changes you did.... when I installed a new
> version of madwifi, it removed all the new_ath_* drivers and instead
> installed the ath_* in their place. So why did you modify
> NetworkManager and wpa_supplicant?

The change to networkmanager enables it to detect if you're using the
madwifi-ng (new_ath_* actually). madwifi and madwifi-ng has different
API's and the change I've made to wpasupplicant lets it use both
depending on a commandline option (which networkmanager can give it
because I've taught it to know which driver is used).

> I took the subversion madwifi and it did not work, as it would freeze
> after a little bit of time and it did not work with NetworkManager.

It will work with the patched networkmanager and wpasupplicant.

> Now I am trying a snapshot madwifi-ng and still there are no
> "new_ath_*" modules being loaded. What am I missing?

new_ath_* are the names Ubuntu uses for madwifi-ng in order to let
madwifi and madwifi-ng coexist on the system. If you compile them from
SVN, they'll be named ath_*.