Comment 22 for bug 1848790

I've now tested the armhf and arm64 variants of Hui's test kernel from comment #11 on the Pi 2, 3, and 4 (several memory variants) and all seems good so far. Still need to finish testing on the compute modules, though.

As regards flash-kernel, the relevant tickets for the missing entries are LP: #1847587 for the 4B, and LP: #1841955 for the 3A+.

Unfortunately it turns out there's a rather more serious issue with flash-kernel, especially in relation to this bug: it only copies the dtb for the Pi it's being run on to the boot partition. As long as you never switch the SD card between models of Pi that's okay, but to give an example I ran across when testing the fixed kernel here: I upgraded the kernel on a Pi3, tested it, switched the card to a Pi4 and it failed to boot because the Pi4's dtb on the boot partition hadn't been updated (and the fixed kernel has a subtly different dtb). The bug tracking this is #1850678; I've got a fix in the works but it needs a bit of refinement first.