Comment 11 for bug 1848790

I built a testing kernel, not only includes the fix for USB host, but also includes all new patches from rpi-5.3.y branch (about 107 patches).

I tested both arm64 and armhf kernels on Pi4 without HDMI monitor, everything works well.

Could anybody help test these two kernels on Pi4 with HDMI monitor, Pi3 and Pi2 if you have any of them?

After verifying the kernel will not introduce regression on Pi4/3/2, I will submit the patches to UBUNTU kernel.

The new kernel could be downloaded:

To install and test the kernel:
copy arm64 or armhf folders to rootfs of Pi, sudo dpkg -i linux-modules-xxxx.deb; sudo dpkg -i linux-image-xxx.deb;sudo reboot