Comment 8 for bug 1783961

Rohit Yadav (rohityadav) wrote : - I tested the compiled kernel on my RaspberryPi4 (4GB RAM model). Both KVM and external SSD/USB (in my case Samsung T5, 500GB external SSD) on the USB 3.0 port are working fine.

root@cloudstack-mgmt:~# ls /dev/kvm
root@cloudstack-mgmt:~# kvm-ok
INFO: /dev/kvm exists
KVM acceleration can be used

Further description of how KVM was tested is here along with Apache CloudStack (an IaaS platform):

Tested using guest templates Debian 9 and Debian 10, both arm64 -

- Only scsi seems to be the working disk controller (ide is not supported, virtio may/may not work) - when testing with linux guests. Workaround: use scsi by default.
- Plugging in usb devices without an explicit controller added first, fails (on x86_64 systems, controller seems to be already added when usb devices like keyboard/mouse etc are added). Workaround: add a usb controller and then add the usb devices - keyboard, mouse, tablet.

I've attached some screenshots of a guest VM running on the RPi4 device using CloudStack.