Comment 5 for bug 1783961

Rohit Yadav (rohityadav) wrote :

Just found this bug, I had added a similar bug ticket: (now marked as duplicate).

Copy paste from above:

Using the official Ubuntu 19.10 arm64 image,, with the 5.3.x Linux kernel has KVM/VIRTUALIZATION disabled by default and therefore /dev/kvm acceleration is not available on installations on newer Raspberry Pi 4 (for example) which has a supported processor (armv8) by KVM (

I'm able to compile the kernel manually with the options enabled in the kernel config ( and further verify that it works well in deploying ARM64 VMs ( I went a bit further to deploy an Apache CloudStack based IaaS deployment and verify that it works as well. Having KVM enabled arm64 devices would enable testing and misc use-cases on newer boards such as the Raspberry Pi 4 (4 GB RAM).

Can the Ubuntu kernel team advise why KVM is not enabled in the kernel by default, and if this will change in future? Thanks.