Comment 195 for bug 246141

well ok, since you put it like that.

There has been partial support since 8.04. I think it's the same driver.
the problem is getting realtek to ackowledge that this is a bug - which they
do not., They will send you new drivers but they all have the same problem
where the 'rate' drops to 1Mpbs. The only way to use this driver is to use
a script to reset the rate to 54Mbps every 3 seconds. Not perfect but it
does allow you to use the driver.

On Sun, Apr 11, 2010 at 7:05 AM, Pablo Castellano <email address hidden>wrote:

> @mf:
> No, taking the bug title as reference:
> It claims that there's "no support for realtek rtl8187se", which was true
> in the past. But I'm writing this answer from my netbook, using ubuntu and
> the rtl8187se driver.
> A new bugreport should be opened
> --
> no support for realtek rtl8187se
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