Comment 176 for bug 246141

Jostein Topland (topland) wrote :

The latest drivers works perfectly fine with MSI Wind.
Though with Slackware, and possibly other GNU/Linux distros, DNS servers might be set up incorrectly. This is noticeable when opening websites with Firefox, and the status message says "Looking up..." for a loooong and painful time (~2min) when it ought to take less than a second.
To fix this edit /etc/resolve.conf(as root) and type the correct DNS server. You will get even more speed typing the DNS server from you ISP(not or, typically). Log in to your router to find this DNS address. My /etc/resolve.conf has only one line: "nameserver". This is for Get in Norway.
Also, some programs edit this file when receiving new IP. In Slackware, dhclient does this. There is probably a command for the program for not letting it change the /etc/resolve.conf, or maybe you can set it to read-only. So watch out for that.