Comment 35 for bug 1527902

I think that unlike the bug title and description suggest, this bug is not limited to IPv6. I am having the same problem with FreeRADIUS when RADIUS packets are received over IPv4. This problem is fixed by the Kernel from trusty-proposed, too.

Actually, this problem looks a lot like a regression that already appeared in 3.13.0-66 and was fixed in 3.13.0-67 (see bug #1510213 which turned out to be the same problem as tracked in #1508510). So maybe, some measures should be taken to ensure that this regression does not make it into a released kernel again but it is detected during QA.

A side note regading the problem with FreeRADIUS: I only had this problem on a multi-core multi-socket machine. On a multi-core single-socket machine, it did not appear, but this might just have been a coincidence.