Comment 10 for bug 1527902

Pali (pali) wrote :

Looks like that program dig is not affected, so not all stub resolvers are non working.

Kopete uses libiris xmpp library which uses jdns resolver. It is 100% reproducable.

I tested also new upstream 4.x kernels and they do not have this problem. Only ubuntu kernels >= 3.13.0-69.

If you need to test jdns library, upstream project has also example dns lookup cmdline tool in git repo:

(Call it with arg "-6" against some IPv6 DNS server)

I tested it and it reacts exactly same as Kopete, on 3.13.0-69 kernel (and above) just do not receive UDP IPv6 packets. As I wrote in description strace show that every recvfrom() calls just return -EAGAIN. But wireshark see that packets was received.