Comment 14 for bug 1289429

Tim Gardner (timg-tpi) wrote :

Joe - I received email from the driver maintainer (Larry Finger) with a patch. Please build a test kernel and submit for testing.

"Sven and Tim,

Attached is a one-line fix for the problem that shows up between 3.8.0-36 and 3.8.0-37. It is just a bare patch file, but feel free to add any explanatory text to make it a proper commit.

I have no real understanding as to why this line of code does not cause any problems with later kernel versions, but it does here. In addition, I have not had any reports of problems with other users. That makes me suspect some kind of bad interaction with the user-space network control components in 12.04.

Would it be helpful for Nicolas to prepare a bug report at Ubuntu?

Larry "