Comment 85 for bug 1520343

Danilo InĂ¡cio (danilo-isr) wrote :

I'm also having a similar issues, I have a xps 9360 with the killer 1535 board running on ubuntu 16.10. The weird part with my case is that I'm unable to make new requests while the existing ones keep working fine (like a download or a hangouts/skype call, they never drop).

Example, when browsing a website, the main page load, but the images from a CDN not. Its very similar to a DNS problem, but I tried google and open DNS without success. Also, I tested with my other computers and devices and they are all working fine.

Another example is with music streaming, that fails only when changing the music file.

I already did the fix suggested by #22, and also updated my linux-firmware to 1.163 (

Anyone had similar problems?
Would ubuntu 16.04 work better to me?