Comment 54 for bug 1520343

Dennis Marttinen (technowelho) wrote :

Thanks to everyone for research and support so far. As Christophe Chisogne mentioned, a new board-2.bin and a new firmware-4.bin file have been added to kvalo's ath10k-firmware repository and the [168c:003e] (rev 32) is now working correctly using the files from kvalo's master branch. I've also investigated, that ath10k_pci now wants to load both board.bin and board-2.bin, so I expect that they both are required for correct functionality (5GHz maybe? Someone with a new access point could check if it works now).

I'll update the status and add some new instructions to the bug description.

Also, the bluetooth lag problem exists on ath6k as well (tested), it might be related to the atheros driver/wifi card family as a whole rather than just this card.