Comment 65 for bug 634487

Ben Howard (darkmuggle) wrote :

We have investigated the problem and can confirm that the bug lies in the underlying EC2 hypervisor; this bug cannot be fixed at the AMI level. The problem only affects launches on 32-bit t1.micro instances.

Canonical has been in contact with and remains in contact with Amazon regarding a final resolution of this issue. As more information becomes available, Canonical will share it with the community.

We recommend that users who need Java on 32-bit t1.micros launch a m1.small, install Java and then change the instance type to a t1.micro. This can be done by doing stopping the instance and modifying the instance type using either the AWS console or using the command line tools. Users who have existing 32-bit t1.micros and need Java use the same method to change their instance(s) to m1.smalls, install Java and then switch back to t1.micro.

However, we have had some reports that the work around may not work for some users of 32-bit t1.micros. Users who use the work-around to install Java may hit the hyper-visor bug running Java in production. Users who hit the bug after employing the work around, should consider using a m1.small.

We are not aware of a specific time-line to permanently resolve the underlying hypervisor issue at this time. Users that need more specific information about this issue should contact Amazon Web Services directly.