Comment 17 for bug 634487

On Mon, 25 Oct 2010, Davepar wrote:

> The workaround is only useful when you're setting up a new instance.
> It's useless for the instance I already invested a day setting up. It
> would be a really good idea to put a warning somewhere in the docs for
> micro instances. Once AWS starts handing out free micro instances by the
> thousands, the urgency of this bug will increase dramatically.

Well, you actually can apply the work around to an existing instance. If
the instance is hung, you should be able to stop it (/sbin/halt). The
start it in a m1.small , 'apt-get -f install', then stop again, and
restart into t1.micro.
Additionally, its only an issue with i386 instances, and t1.micro can be
either amd64 or i386. amd64 are generally more useful as you have higher
powered options than you do with i386.

I'm not trying to discount the severity of the bug. It is a real kernel
bug that is exposed by java, and could also be exposed by another