Comment 0 for bug 1023566

== Precise SRU Justification ==
It has been requested we provide a v3.4 based compat-wireless stack for Precise via the linux-backports-modules-3.2 package. We already provide a v3.3 based compat wireless stack for Precise.

==Fix ==
The following branch contains a patch to add the initial compat-wireless v3.4 package:

This is based on the latest v3.4.4 stable kernel. This was manually created following the steps documented at:

Manual creation was done because the compat-wireless archive did not appear to have a final v3.4 based tarball, the latest available was a v3.4-rc3:

In order to help make potential maintenance as well as upgrades easier, I've only used a 2 digit version scheme, ie 3.4, in the

== Impact ==
LBM is an elective install thus there is no regression potential. For those who do choose to install, it will provide an updated compat wireless stack and thus new drivers for supporting newer hardware. One example is the alx driver.