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Chris Newcomer (cnewcomer) wrote : Re: [linux-azure] Patch to prevent possible data corruption

We had similar behavior on GCE by running Elasticsearch through the following suite of unit tests:

The test suite takes about 5 days to run fully and any corruption can be found by running:
zgrep CorruptIndexException /var/log/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.log

I was able to reproduce the corruption on all 4.15 kernels, but not on any 5.0 kernels.

I was provided a test kernel with the commits mentioned above for 4.15.0-1051-gcp and I ran it through 3 different test iterations without a single report of corruption. As a control, I used the 4.15.0-1051-gcp kernel that is currently available from the proposed pocket (without the commits referenced in this LP) and the testing logged corruption on the 3rd day of tests.