Comment 0 for bug 1834962

Kamal Mostafa (kamalmostafa) wrote :

Three patches are needed to add support for Amazon / Annapurna Labs "Graviton" PCIe controller, which is required for future AWS instance types.

The feature is to be enabled for Ubuntu kernels >= linux-aws-bionic.

The first patch is from mainline; the other two are AWS specific quirks from Amazon Linux, not yet upstream.

4166bfe530 PCI: al: Add Amazon Annapurna Labs PCIe host controller driver
            UBUNTU: SAUCE: [aws] irqchip/gic-v2m: invoke from gic-v3 initialization and add acpi quirk flow
            UBUNTU: SAUCE: [aws] arm64: acpi/pci: invoke _DSM whether to preserve firmware PCI setup