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Bug #1740406: Login fails with no error message when NFS home directory is over quota Undecided New 247 weeks

From: Peter Benie
Link: lightdm-check-close-status.patch


Bug #1579867: lightdm set SIGPIPE disposition to SIG_IGN even for children Medium Triaged 333 weeks

From: Yves-Alexis Perez
Link: lightdm-sigpipe.diff

reset SIGPIPE to SIG_DFL after forking

Bug #1564616: detaching lightdm into background Medium Triaged 338 weeks

From: Jon Boden
Link: background.diff


Bug #1249515: regression with session-cleanup-script triggering without actual logins Undecided Confirmed 458 weeks

From: Mike Forester
Link: lightdm-1.8.5-cleanup-script.patch


Bug #857651: Unable to hide users from login screen / user switcher Medium Triaged 517 weeks

From: e80f00
Link: add-config-file.patch


Bug #1059928: Lightdm [Kubuntu) not displaying user thumbnail photos High Incomplete 519 weeks

From: Harald Sitter
Link: kde_face_icon_support.patch

possible fix for lightdm

Bug #1000775: [12.04] [ Precise] .xsession-errors getting spammed filling up the disk. Medium Triaged 540 weeks

From: Manoj Iyer
Link: Xsession.patch

patch to create .xsession-error file in /tmp

Bug #900221: lightdm does not source /etc/X11/Xsession - missing environment for Xsession.d files Low Fix Committed 550 weeks

From: Paul Hebble
Link: lightdm.patch


Bug #559847: Please support /etc/X11/Xreset.d Wishlist Triaged 649 weeks

From: Timo Aaltonen
Link: gdm.diff


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