Comment 9 for bug 799754

Lionel Le Folgoc (mrpouit) wrote :

> Perhaps we should split the config into a separate package? That way there's
> a lightdm-config-ubuntu and a lightdm-config-xubuntu package (the both would
> obviously have to conflict with eachother).

This is overkill to create packages for only one conffile, and probably a mess
to deal with on upgrades or when you install the other variant (and that
doesn't look like a sane use of conflicts).

> Errors in the patch:
> - The exec line is missing --config
> - Has tabs instead of spaces

- "-c" is used, according to the manpage, it has the same meaning...
- then fix the orig files? because they already contain a mix of tabs and

> I think a better solution would be to allow lightdm to parse the standard
> conf by default, and then parse the vendor conf for any "override" values for
> things in the standard conf. That keeps all other tools just having to look
> at a single file.

Yes, similar to what Didier did for gdm (set-default-session). This is much
better. But given the time needed to review the tiny patch above (and the
review), I'm not very inclined to start working on a more complicated one...

I guess I'll forget any attempt to do this cleanly and go back to the
dpkg-divert way. Feel free to close this bug report.