Comment 93 for bug 925895

alex (aarw2) wrote :

I see this is marked as opinion. I believe that is incorrect since it is a bug on low resolution monitors such as netbook. The default font is grey rather than black, so the grey on white superimposed on e.g. a text background is extremely difficult to see. So whilst the new effect might work great on a top quality monitor, on a lower end monitor the combination of the greyish font and white background is definitely a bug. When I am typing this in the browser the background is white and the text is black, I then for example I open the spell check menu with a right click and I get greyed out text that is very very hard to read, compared to the sharp white on black of the previous theme. This is a usability bug. The potential resolutions are, make default text for menus black, or my preference, revert to the all dark theme. However, no change is not an option as this is very hard to read in its current form.