Comment 788 for bug 532633

Pako wrote:
> @ willdye, and others
> "I strongly believe that default settings in general should do whatever
> users are most likely to expect -- especially new users"
> I remember that the main problem about the layout was "The new users
> will complain and dislike the left side buttons". There are hundreds of
> new launchpad members every day seeking a solution to their problems on
> "Ask A Question", so please, the math is simple, ask the moderators of
> launchpad to find all the issues associated with Left Layout and once we
> analyze it, it's worth to continue the discussion here.
My biggest complaint is moving between 10.4 and other releases. I have
to do a mental shift and that means a distraction, which means lost
work. It's not that I don't like it, I just think the default should be
status quo, and let the user decide later.