Comment 785 for bug 532633

bernhard (bernhardredl) wrote :

> much more stable, does regard the GNOME standard, doesn't have ads, IS a democracy, plus the devs don't customize the UI to death).
where is ad in ubuntu?

> On a laptop of a friend where Jaunty was installed she was prompted to upgrade to Lucid. I was surprised to hear that. A dist upgrade can break the system: why are you prompting users to do it
i think it depends all on the system configuration. The dev teams are doing their best to enable you to upgrade the distribution.
Don't take it for granted that somebody invests work to enable you a upgrade from an older version.

> I also don't recommend Ubuntu to other people anymore. I try to hook them up with Debian for their own good as I can somewhat foresee that this is just the beginning of more unpleasant decisions.
Despite the windows border issue i'm quit happy with lucid. You get LTS (longer than debian i think) and you get cutting edge software version. Also i think the community in ubuntu is much more "beginner friendly" than the debian community.