Comment 784 for bug 532633

Ludwik Trammer (ludwik) wrote :

For months ago I was commenting here, predicting all the awful things that would happen after upgrading computers in our organization to 10.04, and confronting people with left side buttons layout (look at my comment #526: And you know what? I was completely wrong.

Nothing really significant happened. I got on or two people from administration saying that they "can't close a window, because the button disappeared". After I showed them the button on the left side it was the last time I heard about the issue. This also happened when I was already looking over their shoulder, so there is a good chance they would otherwise figure this out on their own.

I also got one person commenting Ubuntu is coping Apple. But the main effect of the whole redesign is that for the first people noticed a new version of Ubuntu. We are using Ubuntu since version 6.06, upgrading computers every six months. For the first time I had people coming to me asking about the new version and it's features.

Nothing terrible happend. I think it wasn't that important.