Comment 779 for bug 532633

On Fri, Jul 23, 2010 at 15:36, James Lewis <email address hidden> wrote:
> As for the previous poster suggesting that this is the reason to move to
> another distribution... IMO, that's ridiculous... Ubuntu has clearly
> made huge strides in the last few releases and 10.04 is no different...

I do also tend to think that a few bad decisions (that mostly can be
fixed by configuration) are not enough reason to change distribution.
- Not, when the other distributions do worse (which I tend to think
focusing on my personal needs).

> if you don't like the window controls on the left, move them back to the
> right and chill!

So far, I always changed theme to one that has the buttons on the
right as I don't yet remember how to move them to the left by heart.

> IMO, we should spend more time worrying about getting BTRFS in, and
> personally I'd like to see a GUI to manage LUKS encrypted volumes &
> files... so we can steer people away from truecrypt, rather than
> spending so much effort debating such a simple change as if some buttons
> are on the left or the right.

As far as I have read (not my own experience), BTRFS is still
considered unstable and I have seen a few benchmark results where
BTRFS was faster only in a few of the use cases. From what I have
interpreted, Ext4 could be still the best choice for allround-use, but
I am not into details - there might be pretty good reasons for pushing
BTRFS - however, this is off-topic here.
Martin Wildam