Comment 774 for bug 532633

I think it is important to consider not that I an others have gone back to Karmic Ubuntu, or that we left initially due to the User Interface issues pertaining to Lucid's (MacBuntu) feel, but rather the bigger picture. The loss of trust in Canonical's ability to maintain stability over time.

As a long time Ubuntu fan, it is a heartbreak to find myself running away from 'MacBuntu" and once again due to stability issues. While adding options to software is fine. Forcing them upon users will only serve to reduce membership.

Rather then deal with Mark's mistakes directly, and I think I speak for many, I can only say one thing.

                                     ( DEBIAN ! )

After trying Debian I became convinced that it was far better for me. I first ran Debian from a Virtual box. Its like Ubuntu and in fact Ubuntu has its roots there. One difference is Mark is not there, and the buttons are where they should always be.

MacBuntu is not for me, and I know that others might also be reading these posts. I saw many thngs wrong with Ubuntu 10.04. Speed problems and GUI button placement. Ubuntu was a nice ride while it lasted, and for that I am greatful. After running Debian for the first time I was sold in almost no time flat.

They pride themselves on stability and SPEED ! I say this to all Ubuntu fans like myself. If you don't like Mark's button ideas give Debian a test run. Perhaps like I did. In a VirtualBox. Impressive ! Let Ubuntu learn the Microsoft lesson. Seems like many companies seem to need to learn from mistakes these days. Switching the buttons is a big mistake. It got me looking in other directions, and while I have run Red Hat, and Suse, I never tried Debian. Until my buttons changed to the left that is.

If Ubuntu goes to the left and you don't like it try Debian. You will be impressed and I am no longer looking back.

So long Ubuntu ! If at first you don't succeed try try again....