Comment 768 for bug 532633

Avik Topchyan (topchyan) wrote :

>> or will it be Ubuntu specific?
>Depends on whether it is more broadly adoped.

But that's exactly the problem, Mark. What I thought makes difference in Ubuntu is its openness. Instead you are just trying to go the same path as the other guys with "we know what's better for you, ignorant user". It would have been really good if you told the public the reason for the change in the button position. It would have been a much nicer way to do it, if you cared to explain what's on your mind. Overall, it seems that very little thought goes into what would users experience. Thought, your goal was to treat users like human beings.


P.S. I still think very highly about your Ubuntu in general and appreciate you being such a thorn in the back of Apple and Microsoft. But please don't begin to follow their marketing strategies, because that's what human beings actually hate.
This is my last post here, farewell.