Comment 66 for bug 532633

A lot of people use these controls to identify the right edge of the
active window. This is significant when there is more then one window
overlapping each other on the display. The same issue is there with the
window title. When it is centered (as in human) one can know that the
window is stretching to the left side as far as to the right side from
the position of the title. Putting all info to the left gives no
information at all concerning the window dimensions. Do not ignore this
visual aspects. The current window design (until human) did not just
drop from the sky. Someone had good arguments for them, which I cannot
confirm for the light themes.

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Van: Omer Akram <email address hidden>
Reply-to: Bug 532633 <email address hidden>
Aan: <email address hidden>
Onderwerp: [Bug 532633] Re: [light-theme] please revert the order of the
window controls back to "menu:minimize, maximize, close"
Datum: Fri, 12 Mar 2010 09:30:18 -0000

With these settings I had the problem for 4 hours and the next day when
I started ubuntu I had no problem with the new controls position rather
things look better as there nothing on the top right side. People
complain without even testing the change for a few hours. (Even when a
person wears new clothes it takes a bit time to adjust in them ;)