Comment 509 for bug 532633

scholli (scholli-tz) wrote :

I have the good impression that Lucid will be a big success. It's the beautifulest and full with great features (Ubuntu's Indicator-Applets, Music-Store, Software-Center, ...) Distro far and wide in the Linux-World. Since Karmic I love the good progress Ubuntu is going. Even Windows 7 looks now worst than the new Lucid which will come out soon. I saw the good critics in the press and everybody is excited. Other good effect is that a part of the horrible conservative part of the community will leave us, because they can't accept changes and progress. A part will go... many new users will come. Now it's time for changes and improving the situation from the Bug #1. Happy.

from "Pyramid Technologies":

"I just downloaded and tried the latest Lucid"

Wow. I point it out.. simply. ;-)