Comment 497 for bug 532633

Yann (lostec) wrote :

For me, the issue is almost solved: Theme now update buttons position, so one's can choose "Dust" for instance... I currently give it a try in a VM (I don't like "Ambiance" background color that remain in terminal windows even if background image is changed).

Button layout reversal for new themes is also there, but the proposition seems to be there only at first time which imo, let's be open minded, does not let users try easily (with several reversals) and make their decision: Reversal should be proposed unconditionally for new themes.

Installing "Human", indeed, does not show application icon in application menu button? As several other themes...

Maybe this is another remaining issue for those who want to remain brown?

So, to summarize, IMO:
-Always propose reversal for new themes.
-Fix the application icon for menu button.