Comment 485 for bug 532633

Mike Rushton (leftyfb) wrote :


First off, please read the Code of Conduct you signed. No need for the offensive language.

Second, the updates thus far do not allow one to switch from the icons being on the left back to the right. The only thing I have noticed is the theme manager telling you that if you've got the buttons moved back to the right where they belong, that the theme you just picked was made for the buttons to be on the left. It will then move the buttons back to the left with the option to move them back where you had put them on the right. I see this as being more of a problem as it is now changing the options you manually made in gconf with no way to put them back other than gconf if you do not understand the wording and just click ok and the buttons are moved back to the left.

They put in this much effort to keep the buttons on the left, yet don't put in the same amount of effort to just put in an option to pick which side you want the buttons on regardless of where they are set at any given moment.