Comment 472 for bug 532633

Spang (hetkot) wrote :

Let me mark the marketing in that statement:
-differentiate is important
-Better cars (Sprot-Cars, expensive Cars) moved the gearshifts to the steering wheel
-Apple slogan is: "Think different ..." and

First and last are pretty much the same. A comment on that better cars though. Euhm, a lot of these cars have the gear paddles to give 55 year old midlife crisising men that can afford them, an F1 feeling. Afaik, rally cars have the gear in the middle. F1 cars have it on the wheel because there's no other place to put it. That said, I chose brake and throttle with that in mind and because they are more essential.

Concerning Ubuntu's marketing, last time I checked, it was something like, "linux for human beings" (that would include 62 year olds) and not "Think different..." (which till tis day is actually implied when using linux, so no need to shout about it :P) .

So much for marketing, what about good science. Is it true improvement? My cursor doesn't spend most of its time in the top left, it's pretty much all over. Which seems logical when you're an intensive interleaved keyboard mouse user. But maybe we should postpone the shouting about science and senselessness until Ubuntu has a Mozilla FF Testpilot alike feature and we have real metrics. (as has been mentioned all through this discussion)