Comment 47 for bug 532633

I'm not in favor of the new position. But right now, the community opinion/poll is a moot point.
Its like asking Americans or British who have switched locales : “do you like driving on the right or the left side of the road?” ;-)
Stating it as a huge negative for the change is unfair.[OTOH, apps broken is a negative]

Change is always good , *if* there is a good reason to change.
Without knowing what the problem was earlier and why this has been changed , one really cant judge the change.
Of course , the problem with the old position has not been mentioned.

Since comments[debate?] on this bug are increasing , I'v updated the description with the apps affected.
Would be easier for the folks working on the bug , to see if the problem can be solved in the apps , rather than digging for the broken apps in the comments.