Comment 466 for bug 532633

Tom Harris (tom-harris) wrote :

@Mark Shuttleworth

Would data collected in Windows be considered useful? Since we're using this to make a UI design change the current UI shouldn't affect it right? What matters, presumably is how we interact with documents that will look mostly the same on any operating system. I will try to collect data in Windows 7, since that is what I use day-to-day.

I expect to see my mouse mostly resting on the right since English language text is usually left-aligned, so leaving the mouse on the left would obscure it. I don't have a TV though so there will be occasions where my mouse rests at a random position on the screen because I'm watching a video. My point is that everyone uses their computer for different tasks, so without defining a framework (i.e. asking where does the mouse rest while writing an email, what about when chatting, now when writing a letter...) the amount of variables involved in what individual people use their computer for will seriously wreck any chance of receiving meaningful data.