Comment 448 for bug 532633

Alvin (alvevind) wrote :

To gain more data I posted a poll on the Ubuntuforums Community Cafe board.

The reason for posting it there and not on the Lucid Lynx Testing board is to better to get a broader user base to answer (not only the beta testers).

The poll seeks two pieces of information:

1. Where does the mouse pointer rest?
M) Pointer tends to rest near the menu of the active window.
L) Pointer tends to rest on the left side of the screen.
C) Pointer tends to rest in the center of the screen.
R) Pointer tends to rest on the right side of the screen.
X) None of these.

2. Is there a marked difference based on the type of pointing device that is being used?
M) Normal mouse
T) Laptop touchpad (or other device)

The 10 poll options reflect the corresponding cross correlation matrix.

Hopefully this will produce some insight.
Either by showing a patterns or by showing that no discernible patterns exist.