Comment 440 for bug 532633

On Fri, 26 Mar 2010 10:08:40 -0000
Pako <email address hidden> wrote:

> Colin D Bennett wrote
> >If the window buttons are moved to the left, the scroll bar must
> >also be moved to the left hand side.
> In my case and I hope in many of yours, I never use the right
> scrollbar since I'm able to use my touchpad scrollbar on my laptop,
> it is much faster and more efficient and I use only my right hand
> instead of both at once.

I use my touchpad scrolling and mouse scroll wheel *all* the time.
It's great for scrolling as you read a page.

However, when I'm reading a very long web page, ODT document, PDF, or
source code file (i.e. 50+ screenfulls) and want to get from the top to
the middle of the page, it is a complete waste of time to go "roll,
roll, roll, roll, roll, ..." with the wheel or touch pad; instead I
simply make a quick drag of the scroll bar thumb to the exact place I
want to go.