Comment 430 for bug 532633

Pietro Battiston (toobaz) wrote :

Many right things have been said (and scarcely considerated, but that's another story), just one added observation: all comments of the form "they're just buttons", "you can change it", and partially also "you can change distribution" are simply irresponsible.

_I_ can change it, and probably will. But I installed >20 Ubuntus, and certainly distributed it and suggested it to much many people in my LUG activity. I don't control their systems, and I _know_ many of them will have troubles when they upgrade. I also know they don't read this bug. For instance, I know my grandmother will call me saying something's wrong, and I will fix the issue on _her_ computer, and say "sorry" on behalf on Ubuntu.

But next time, I'll probably install Debian. So yes, "you can change distribution" is a partially correct answer... though after putting so much trust and work in this one I suffer in admitting that I was simply very irresponsible in trusting in something that "is not a democracy" (in my ingenuity, I would have sweared that "englightened dictatorship" was just the perfect form of leadership for such a project).

Notice _I_ will probably keep using Ubuntu: it's simpler, more up-to-date. It's just not something I can afford to publicize, install and distribute, now I know the decision making process behind it.