Comment 423 for bug 532633

scholli (scholli-tz) wrote :

Data form User Scholli:

(male, 35 years, right-hand)

1. Mouse-position:
Before the change I had the buttons always on the right. The mouse was generally on the right side. But actions like save, open etc. let me moving the mouse from right to left and back again - automaticly.
Now after ~ 2 weeks work with the buttons on left: With time I get changed my habits (beginning the second or third day). I leave the mouse after scrolling with the scrollbar on the right half of the screen. If I am using tabs, actions on the toolbar or using the menu, control-buttons I let the mouse in the left part; almost near the last action. If I have to change something like tabs or save quickly.. even close the window, the mouse is near and I have to move only slightly. If I am working with Karmic on my Netbook (sorry, no Remix) and I feel stupid now about the long ways I have to do with the Touch-pad from right to left and back. I noticed that left makes my life faster and easier. For that I am a big Fan of this change.

2. Accidentally clicks:
It's a short history. No. Okay the menu don't have a hover when the mouse is over them. But the toolbar-icons have and the control-buttons will have. The last update from the light-themes made Max and Min hover well. Close can be improved more for getting a better visual signal. This signals are avoiding clicks on the wrong button and it's a visual quick mark of that what you want click. It happens quickly and without thinking. All as usual.

It's a little stuff, but it improved, for me, a lot of the usability. I never knew about it. In the first days I was against and asked me what is the sense of this? But I changed my opinion about it quickly. Apart of that I noticed that Ubuntu get a own face. Okay it's left like Appels MacOS X haves, but it's different. I am agree with the idea to start with it now (LTS) and I give this change a +1 (Pro).

PD: My dates are honest and true. I hope the rest will do the same. I hope too that I can leave this threat from now for ever, finally ... :-)
I was participating here a lot of, because Ubuntu imports me much.