Comment 414 for bug 532633

habtool (clive-wagenaar) wrote :

Hi Mark

Maybe it would be an idea to setup something like:

Alpha/Beta/ Lon-term loyal users could then install a test-pilot package and opt-in to certain test that Canonical need done for feedback.

You could then run say the heat map test for 5 days with buttons on the left and then 5 days with buttons
on the right.
I did some of the tests with the testpilot for Mozilla and it was not very intrusive and most importantly
it was OPT-IN. That is key for this sort of direct data feedback.
Dont just change take search feedback like was done in Karmic cycle with the Firefox addon ;)
Many of us Ubuntu users are relatively loyal, but too many 'odd' tests/changes in the development cycle could
scare us off. Make the controversial changes opt-in like test-pilot and then directly track the usage you need ;)

I moved to Crunchbang #! Statler for some quite time during button-gate.
(XFCE based on Debian Squeeze for Alpha) and will then track Debian stable.

Any way, just an idea of how you can get the real data ( but must be opt-in if it reports data back to base)
The only feedback you get without something like test pilot is us screaming here in bug reports when we think you
taking a wrong turn. Most of us want Canonical to succeed but as we run the Alphas/Dev versions we also get spooked
when we see potential for something embarrassing happening.

Best of Luck