Comment 387 for bug 532633

James P. Carter (jpcarter) wrote :

@ Shane Comment #188
"This is a very simple matter of people who feel strongly against a change always seem to shout the loudest. I have the feeling that 99.9% of users dont feel strongly about this issue either way."

This bug report does not represent a good subset of 'users'. Most 'users' have no idea this bug report nor even launchpad exists. The 'users' are unaware of this issue and the backlash from this change is nowhere near the level it will likely reach. Some of those 'users' are technical and savvy but do not play with the 'testing' version of any distribution or OS. When the 'users' update... and receive the change it will be interesting to say the least.

@ No one in particular...
While rolling out linux desktops to corporate users... the ui will be changed for their comfort... not against. This is not to produce leisure, gaming, or laziness... it is for production. Most people (users) have grown accustomed to Wintel system UIs... NOT Mac, NOT UNIX, NOT Linux.

I can roll linux and give it to corporate users if I make it simple and familiar (GDM theming, fluxbox hacking etc...) I've done it many times now with full acceptance and praise (slackware and debian). I can not say the same for the 2 times I have attempted similar roll outs with MacOSX... too different and it scares the "users".

The more comments I read on this the more disappointed I become in the design decision. Not my place as I have learned from the comments... unfortunate...

My third and final comment on this bug... I apologize for being a pest and focusing on the trivial. I'll move back over to dealing with my swap issues. Thanks for all the fish!