Comment 371 for bug 532633

Imtiaz Rahi (imtiaz.rahi) wrote :

I have already switched the buttons to the right with gconf-editor according to posted instructions.
So, its no issue on my Desktop PC and in my user account. But still I hope Ubuntu will switch to the old layout.
Lots of people showed fantastic arguments why it should be. So, I am not going to add more.

My concern is when other people to whom I advocate to (in BD) use Linux (specially Ubuntu), they are going to ask explanation from me (they don't know Canonical/SABDFL) why the buttons are on right. And I don't want to answer that question and explain this as I don't accept and not convinced by the arguments provided by Ubuntu design team.
Not to add I will have instruct or change this thing for all of these general/non-tech users.