Comment 338 for bug 532633

Richard (rd1) wrote :

Clearly there are many people (including me) who don't like the new title bar layout, and the loss of the application's icon from the title bar - so as a minimum there should be a GUI way to easily revert to the older layout, and this should be the default when choosing a different theme. Existing themes such as Human and many others were designed around the old layout, so why is the new layout imposed on them?

Also, this will really not help at all with maximising the ease of transition for Windows users (bug 1) - they can adapt to the system menus being on the top of the screen, but this will just be another roadblock in adopting Ubuntu.

Another problem with the Light theme is the highlighted area just below middle of the top panel - this draws the eye to that part of the screen for no purpose. Normally such highlights are used in web and UI design to draw the eye to the most important part of the screen, but here it's just used for no reason I can see.

Instead of imposing this annoying change, how about fixing a real issue that is causing accessibility and usability problems to users today - the fact that on large screens (or any screen for someone with visual/motor disabilities) it's very hard to resize a window using most Ubuntu themes: