Comment 335 for bug 532633

I have been testing this for a few days on my Netbook with touchpad only and I think it does take more mental effort to go after the buttons with them being on the left.

I don't have Lucid on my desktop machine yet, but I have changed the buttons to match the new Lucid setup and. IMHO, it isn't a hard change when it only requires one little flick of the wrist to move the pointer to the left hand side.

I realize that Mark or at least the design team may have some plans for what is going to happen on the right side and I am all for having something that is unique to Ubuntu. I think there is a lot of knee jerking happening and some people just can't handle change. If it is decided that the buttons will stay on the left, there really needs to be an easy GUI option for changing it from side to side.

In the Appearance applet, if one were to click Customize, there could be a selection for left or right side button in the free space to the left of the Delete button. Just a thought that I am sure someone may have already voiced on the design team, but maybe others will agree that this could help during the next six months, until the "new function" can be added to the right side of the control panel.