Comment 331 for bug 532633

Alan (mrintegrity) wrote :

After reading the various (99% negative) news stories about this subject, I was totally ready to come here with my flaming pen and write some nasty comments :). However, after having read through most of the report, it has become clear that many of the issues are pure knee jerk reactions (including my own initial reaction). TBH, I doubt most people have even tried it yet!

The left handed options are easier to work with once you get used to them and it doesn't take that much time. This doesn't change the fact that the option to switch back to the previous layout should be totally easy and done by meerly switching theme, not by running a command manually.

As for the comments from Mark, it's great to see such interaction from the head of a project of this size, quite unusual and a big plus for Ubuntu (regardless of your viewpoint on the button placement).

Keep up the good work :)