Comment 330 for bug 532633

Magnetizer (magnetizer) wrote :

Hi Mark,

as far as I can see, you (and (y)our people) are doing a great job. Just do not try to convince everybody or defend yourself in an endless discussion in which every single post will be nullified anyway (of course this one will not be different).

Your time is better spent thinking about the next steps for Ubuntu (and of course other projects) that will make sure it becomes or stays (fill in whatever you want) the greatest Linux distribution out there which actually could resolve bug #1....

As I see it: buttons on the right, buttons on the left...I'm a human being (hey, that's what Ubuntu is for, isn't it?) and that means I have the ability to learn and to adapt. So, for me it's not a problem at all (otherwise I just change it the way I like it) and besides, I suspect ALT+F4 still closes the current window...;-)

So Mark, don't waste too much time on it...Keep up the good work!

Kind regards, André