Comment 320 for bug 532633

Jiri Lebl (jiri-lebl) wrote :

I think that most of the posters have Ubuntu's well being in mind. While not a democracy, I hope that the fact that so many people arguing against the new layout is taken as data by the design team of Ubuntu. It's not that the design team must do whatever the posters want. But the design team should notice that the change is highly unpopular among these early testers. If it causes these users enough of an annoyance, extrapolate to the generic user.

If the argument is "where you like the buttons best" then I would agree that it doesn't matter. But as far as I can see, there are lots of people "annoyed" by the new layout, rather than simply not liking it. There is a difference. This should be taken as an indication of the wider userbase. A thought experiment should be a person trying Ubuntu for the first time. Is that person going to be annoyed by this? If so, it is very counter productive. The people arguing for the new layout don't seem to be "annoyed" by either layout, they simply like the new one better.