Comment 286 for bug 532633

On Sat, 20 Mar 2010 00:55 +0000, "j_baer" <email address hidden> wrote:
> My belief is this decision was not made by the flip of a coin, the toss
> of a dart, or the personal preference of any single individual. I
> believe the concept was discussed, debated, and evaluated as to adding
> value to Ubuntu as it exists today and what it will become tomorrow.
> As to the order of the buttons, the same arguments apply.
> My suggestion is let’s not be too quick to judge and give it a try. I
> see a "work-a-around" is already in place for those who feel strongly
> the placement is incorrect.

I have to politely take issue with this "give it a try" attitude.

Firstly I feel underestimated, do you really think I don't know what I
want? that *we, linux users* don't know what I want? Simply choosing
linux already implies having strong opinions about computers.

Secondly, I have business to do, and a life, enough free software is of
alpha and beta quality for me to be enrolled into a usability study to
justify someone's pet windows configuration I never asked for.

Thirdly, this is a LTS, do you want to make an experimental release out
of a LTS? Making it opt-in is the best option.

Fourthly, if the polls reflect the preferences of the users (when in
reality polls are visited by early adopter types) I predict most users
will simply google for "ubuntu fix window buttons" where they will find
this one liner in the forums

$ gconftool --type string --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout

And go about their business as usual.

Certainly this change won't break ubuntu (except for a few hundred kids
who will as a result of this hate ubuntu as soon as their school forces
them to use it) it will only make it slightly more annoying, this will
simply be added to the list of stuff we have to do every time we upgrade
like installing codecs and such.

The tragedy is, the ubuntu packers will go around thinking they made
everybody happy *while* proving everybody wrong! haha! But no, listen to
the polls, the polls are the answer.

Some else said that this is not an issue people over which choose their
distro. It's true,probably, ubuntu won't loose much users from this
change, certainly, it won't gain any. And the people who don't and won't
care will still not care. so what do the people that do care think? Is
their opinion that unimportant?

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