Comment 285 for bug 532633

# 281:

Really the minority? I had understand in a post before that 99.9% are happy with it and 0.1% unhappy... they come here in search of shout loud somewhere! and let a comment. :-) ... Well, maybe I am only saturated a little bit with the 280 comments: yes, not, anger, off-topic, chantage, ideas, datas, ...

Seriously. If there a good idea for 10.10 out and the buttons have to be on the left for that reason, why don't let them do! I was skeptic at first, too, but I noticed, with time, that it isn't so bad everybody is shouting out. Surely it will exist something for change the side quickly for everybody who want have it really on the right side or because the third-game-theme looks better with the buttons on the right side.... Maybe a ratio-button in the preferences or a simple and little Metacity-Tool!? I think we should be curios and begin to thing different and not be a old, conservative and all new hating person. I saw that someones aren't really against this, but the reason that this is a LTS, they are in panic. But if 10.04 have it finally on the right and 10.10, 11.4, ... on the left; for the mentioned new feature, the LTS will be 2 years long a strange creature! But this had said Mr. Shuttleworth yet.

Good night. :-)