Comment 280 for bug 532633

It appears there are two items causing concern with this team.

  The first – the window control buttons are now located in the upper left hand quadrant of the window frame.

  The second - the order of the buttons has changed.

There is plenty of data to support locating the buttons in the upper left corner or upper right corner of the window frame. Which is better? I do not know but my assumption is folks do not choose an OS based on the placement of the window frame controls. If that were true Mac OS or MS Windows would be different.

My belief is this decision was not made by the flip of a coin, the toss of a dart, or the personal preference of any single individual. I believe the concept was discussed, debated, and evaluated as to adding value to Ubuntu as it exists today and what it will become tomorrow.

As to the order of the buttons, the same arguments apply.

My suggestion is let’s not be too quick to judge and give it a try. I see a "work-a-around" is already in place for those who feel strongly the placement is incorrect.

In my opinion the community should be willing to take reasonable risks to advance the user computing experience and stand ready to accept the challenges when the bar is raised.

The number of comments offered on this subject stands as evidence to the strength of the community as everyone who participates takes pride in what the final solution becomes.

Maybe the communication wasn't as good as it could have been but folks are busy and things will be missed. In some circumstances there is no right or wrong - just different.

Lucid will be a success and that success is something we can all be proud of as I believe it will set the standard for all future releases.


Artwork Team