Comment 272 for bug 532633

On 19/03/10 18:52, Atel Apsfej wrote:
> Contrast how the Canonical design team works with how the recent Gnome
> hackfest participants communicated what was going on at the event.
> Out of all the listed participants on that page with blogs... how many
> of the non-Canonical employees made an effort to communicate back about
> the event to the Gnome community via the Gnome planet. I can count
> multiple posts from participants employed by several other companies
> making a concerted effort to communicate to the rest of us in the Gnome
> community where the design discussion was going from their expert pov.
> How many Canonical employees made a proactive effort to communicate what
> was going on? I don't remember seeing a single Canonical employee who
> participated in those design discussions blogging about it in the Gnome
> planet feed.

As it happens, Canonical was a sponsor and host of that summit. We had
folks attending. We agreed not to have our entire design team there so
as not to swamp the event and make it "too Canonical", which was a
concern expressed by some of the people involved in planning the event.
Without us, it would not have happened. We are very serious about
improving the way design is done in GNOME, and invested a lot to help
all the participants improve their user experience analysis skills and

Now, you are welcome to draw your own conclusions, but please accept
that your assumptions about other people's intent and motivations may
just be mistaken.